Rodovias MA

Three hours by car from São Luis, capitol city of Maranhao, to the village of Barreirinhas, along the Preguiça River. A driver was waiting a the bus stop with a young woman and her child. He would not have left São Luis until having found the fourth passenger. I was those passenger and had the chance to travel with the little Felipe and his mother.

They had arrived in São Luis in the morning to let the doctor visit Felibe, that had skin issues. Rodovias MA 110 and MA 225 go through the northern part of this state of the north of Brazil, crossing the lives of countrymen living the interior lands and the lives of fishermen living along the River, till the Ocean. 

That little car reached Barreirinhas in the night. Felipe would have recovered putting a cream over the skin. This is a reportage of the travel from São Luis to Barreirinhas and back.